Notities – In a manner of speaking

One changing image, day by day. 

As a preparation of making a book. The book becomes a personal journey throughout 25 years Verzameld Werk, and more. As part of the process, I change and share something, every day, more or less.

Today Notation
285: Six impossible things before breakfast. Book launch: Autumn 2023.

284: Under construction. Book dummy. 2022. And Movements In Between. 282: Finding mistletoe. Videowerk 2021, België. 281: As part of the White Paper’s strategy. 280: Late summer. Still studying video art, Brussels 2021. 279: Hotel 275. A virtual journey. In dialogue with Filippine de Haan. Verzameld Werk’s first website, 2005. 278: Verso. Esther Knobel, Verzameld Werk 2010. 277: Deviation. About Identities, Filip Dujardin and Klaartje Martens, 2011. No Sign of Design chair, Richard Hutten. 276: Daymare and day. Photo Inga Powilleit, Verzameld Werk 2007. 275: Jacques Tati. With Ann Meskens, Benoit van Innis, Domeau & Pérès, Jour de fête. Exhibition in Verzameld Werk, 2009. Photo Matthias De Deygere. 274: Hand spoken. Tweeledig sprookje. Verzameld Werk 2000 +. 273: Clustering interfaces and frictions. Hilde De Decker & Verzameld Werk. 2003. 272: Summer in the city. Clear decisions. 271: SKY 2. Loes Verstappen, risograph print. 270: Brothers, children, father. 269: Move On To. 268: Snowdrop. Salon Verzameld Werk (launched in 2006). 267: All directions. Alle richtingen, toutes directions et cetera,. 266: But on the other hand. Image interpretation, DIM Berlin (Die Imaginäre Manufaktur) at Verzameld Werk in 2002. 265: Sensory. Variations in censorship. Video still. 264: … Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Still #48 (1979). 263: Those days. Verzameld Werk 2000/ 2009. 262: While your lips. Duet. 261: On the Run (2). 260: X Y Extended. Preparation. 2021. 259: XY. Crossroads, voor RHoK Brussel 2021. Manuele beeldbewerking en geluid: Ingrid De Coster, video en montage: Bas Schevers. Video still. 258: On the run. Video still 2021. 257: Censorship. One-Minute Video still, 2020. 256. Help your dreams to come true. Snowspotting from the InterCity train Brussels – Luxembourg. January 8, 2021255: ‘Silent Day’ / 2020 December 25th. Stool, Tomas Schats. VW exhibition 2010. 254: Mladen Stilinović 1+2. 253: PANTONE 19-6110 Deep Forest. 252: Bouleverser. Video still. Near Oignies-en-Thiérache, 2020. 251: Pierce. December 04 1991: Opening Verzameld Werk – Gent Onderstraat 21. 250: Black Sabbath. Video Work preparation, 2020. 249: There is room for. Video Work preparation, 2020. 248: In the name of hope. Bruly. Walking part of GR12, 2020. 247: Some air – Somewhere. Video work preparation, 2020. 246: Openhartig woud. Franche forêt d’Oignies. Video still, 2020. 245: Où est la frontière? Walk and talk. GR12 Brussel – Paris between Viroinval and Rocroi. A Ringier (annual report) photo interpretation. 244: Rain walk and pancakes. Wallonië, 2020. 243: Mystery train. Between Charleroi-Sud and Couvin. Video still, 2020. 242: Epigenetica. A zoom in a Ringier annual report. 241: Autumn Rose. Between Philippeville and Mariembourg. Walking part of GR12 (on half drop repeat), 2020. 240: Message in a bottle. Assemblage, a study. 2020. 239: Spaties in aquatint. Roly. Between Philippeville and Olloy-sur-Viroin. Walking part of GR12, 2020. 238: What’s he building in there? Video still. 237: Put your head on my shoulder. Statue. Royal Academy of Arts, London 2019. 236: Language/ Sender & Receiver. Study animation 2016. 235: Deus ex machina. View from my window, Brussels 2020. 234: A Pretty Encounter. Raoul Hynckes, Straatje te Yves-Gomezée. Between Walcourt and Philippeville, walking part of GR12. 233: Trans letters. A view from the Justice Palace, Brussels 2020. 232: Personal Executive Assistant. A study. 231: Les Ressources Touristiques. Rue de l’Abbaye d’Aulne. Onderweg. GR12 Brussel – Paris. 2020. 230: Temporarily. Film still, study animation, 2016. 229: Hot spot. By the way, between Ronquières and Manage, walking part of GR12 (Long distance path Amsterdam – Brussels – Paris), 2020. 228: Is everything interpretation? Movie fragment from Regeneration, William Fox. 227: Meisje van dertien. Brussel. Film still. 226: Views through my windows / Arbitrary. Brussels 2020. 225: Relieve. Detail sculpture Marcel Rau, Paviljoen van de Oudheid, Jubelpark KMKG Brussel. 224: Soortelijke weerstand. Patio Verzameld Werk. 223: Einzelgänger. View from my window. 222: Passengers. 221: Perfect Day. Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost. 220: Wallpaper. Attic room. Before Verzameld Werk, 1989. Photo Anita Foesters. 219: Wandering. Bois des Rêves, Ottignies. Video still 2020. 218: Graphic liaison. Still Animation, Expres (stop motion exercise) 2015217: Epiphany. A postcard. An interpretation. 216: Decoupage. Preparation Post Restant, 2016. Postcard: Nikolaas Demoen – Verzameld Werk Collection 2010 Who? What? Where? Why? How? 215: I am not an image. Robert Devriendt. Oil on canvas, 2015214If you know the beginning, the end is no trouble. Liz Johnson Artur. South London Gallery, Peckham 2019. 213: “You can’t force the future onto the past. Eventually, it floats back.” Film still. Obra, Gregorio Grazioisi. Brazil 2014. 212: Pijnboom. Pine floor front room Verzameld Werk. 211: Winter-hardy. At South West London. 210: November. Videostill 2019. 209: Garderobe, Anu Tuominen. ‘Rewind Play/ Forward’, Verzameld Werk 2010.  208: Architectuur. Joris Van Huychem. 207: Hello Darkness. Soignez ses mots, Chloé Poizat, 2010. 206: ‘Patience (After Sebald)’, Grant Gee 2012. A film still. 205: Let’s Dance. Norvic shoes, at V&A Museum of Childhood, London. 204: Falling. Autumn 2019. 203: Wide. Table Blanche Ann Demeulemeester. Exhibition space VW, 2000. Photo André Nullens. 202: Faces of My Only Love, Jutta Koether at Mudam in Spring 2019. 201: I don’t like Jewelry. VW lecture for Schmucksymposium. Jewellery: between Fashion and Art? International Symposium Zimmerhof Bad Rappenau, 2003. 200: Back and forth. Greetings! Anu Tuominen/ Atelier 34zero Muzeum. Post Restant 2017. 199: “There is no use trying, said Alice; one can’t believe impossible things. I dare say you haven’t had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll. VW 2010198: Roadies. 2015. 197: I promised you a rose garden. Brussel. Video still 2019. 196: I promised you a rose garden. Brussel herfst. Video still 2019. 195: Train. Study Animation, using drawing Carin Unverzagt. 2015. 194: Embracing. Housing. Ex Astris Scientia, Bobeye. 193: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London. 192: Overexposed. Before metamorphosis. Backspace first floor Verzameld Werk. 191: Greetings. Send a postcard! Japanese Noh Mask. NY Smile, Michael Eisenblätter. Post Restant 2017. 190: Travelling. 189: Shoulders. Accessoires, Philippe Weisbecker Drawings, 2011. 188: Work Space. ln & out. Backspace first floor Verzameld Werk. 187: Rots op bank (bench Ineke Hans). Kristof Van Gestel for Rewind Play/ Forward, VW 2010. 186: Greeting, as an act of communication. Post Restant 2017. City as Alphabet, Claes Oldenburg. 185: ‘How to spell alphabet’, Tauba Auerbach, 2005. 184: Glass. matali crasset, 2005. 183: Jeu de construction. Paul Cox. 182: You Tube – User Interface. Art And Design And Movements In Between – Verzameld Werk. Photo Jeroen Musch. 181: Guess where i am! Album sleeve insert for Pink Floyd. “Wish You Were Here”. Photography Hipgnosis, 1975. 180: X Ray. Outdoor tiles Verzameld Werk. 179: Forcast. Study video, 2018. 178: Greeting. As an act of communication. Post Restant 2017. 177: Purple Rain. I love my camera! Videostill/ Wolvenhof. 176: Rotate counterclockwise. Videostill/ Wolvenhof. 175: Starbucks variation. Woman at the Table, Max Kaus. Buchheim kunstkarte174: Ancestral. Horniman Museum, South London. Evidences of evolution – The evidence from embryology. 173: The ‘period eye’. Start studying Interdisciplinarity at Goldsmiths University, London. A particular view from my bus172: Oxymoron. Kasteel Wolvenhof. Still studying video art. 171: Sharing is caring. Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost. 170: Here. Richard McGuire. 169: How will it print? Dwiggins. 168: Interbellum kitchen, VW. Photo Inga Powilleit. 167: Lecture for Schmucksymposium. Jewellery: between Fashion and Art? International Symposium Zimmerhof Bad Rappenau 2003. 166: … 165: Coachman’s house. Drawing Mircea Pop. 164: High Resistance. 2017. Photo Ingrid De Coster. 163: Parhelium. Greeting card ‘Metamorphose’ post restant . 162: Sparkling water. Winter 2009. photo Ingrid De Coster. 161: Back to the Future. Lichtkoepel, before VW, 1989. Photo Anita Foesters. 160: Dagvlinder. Ball Chair 2004, Anne Masson & Eric Chevalier. 159: A house. A specific language. Via Romea, Taglia di Po. Guido Guidi. 158: I don’t like Jewelry. My first lecture, for Schmucksymposium. Jewellery: between Fashion and Art? International Symposium Zimmerhof Bad Rappenau 2003. 157: Eau de Cologne. Museum Ludwig. Andy Warhol, Franz Gertsch. Photo Ingrid De Coster. 2018. 156: Still. Study. Animation. 2016. Using postcard Benjamin Katz, Marcel and Marie-Puck Broodthaers. Ingrid De Coster. 155: Fine selection. Post Restant 2016. Photo Matthias De Deygere. 154: Send a postcard! Sébastien Reuzé – Plaizier. 153: Screenshot. Exhibition space Verzameld Werk. Photo Jeroen Musch. 152: Being a Guest. ‘Hotel Vue des Alpes’, Studer/van den Berg. 151: Karaoke. Study Animation film, 2016. Using postcard Donald Baechler. Ingrid De Coster.  150: CUP. Vincent de Rijk, 1994-2001. 149: Clemens Oppenheimer, profiles, shelves, quarter strips & Roy McMakin, a door meant as adornment. 2003. 148: Jewellery, in Space. Photo Jeroen Musch. 147: A drawing by Vaslav Nijinski, 1919. 146: In a relationship. Exercises, study video art 2018. Ingrid De Coster. 145: In a relationship. Exercises, Video art, 2018. Ingrid De Coster. 144: Once upon a time. “De l’abstraction à la figuration” Autour de Jean Bilquin. Ingrid De Coster, group exhibition, 1990, Liège. 143: Views from my window. Study video art, ABKA Brussel, 2018. 142: View from my window. Study video art, ABKA Brussel, 2017. Ingrid De Coster. 141: View from my window. Study video art, ABKA Brussel,, 2017. 140: 2-ZIT-KRUK. Kristof Van Gestel, 2010. 139: Enjoy design the same as beer!  By Trico, Japan. Tight stool, Diane Steverlynck 2010. 138: Netty van den Heuvel 1993. Picture from picture Els van den Boorn. 137: Les Papillas. matali crasset, 2003. 136: Tweeduizendachttien. favorite-things. Suska Mackert, 2002. 135: (T)here is always something. VW/ Heernislaan Gent, 2014. A one day exhibition. Harry, Theo Konijnenburg. 134: Ongoing Postcard. Study Animation 2016. 133: Decompression, matali crasset. 132: Sterling Silver. Jo Taillieu, i.s.m. VW 2000. 131: Expanded. Lore Vanelslande, Postcard edition VW, 2010. 130: Breathe. Study Animation, ACBK Gent, 2016. 129: Hellend vlak. Launching Post Restant, 2016. 128: Wervelkolom. House 23. Photo Jeroen Musch. 127: Record Player. Theo Konijnenburg 2012. 126: Nocturne – Groenendaal André Bialek. Study video art. Interpretation Jonathan Capdevielle Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018. 125: Practice. Study video art. Fragment teaser Jonathan Capdevielle Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018. 124: Blue and Yellow don’t make Green. VW 1991. 123: Les deux font la paire. Anne Masson & Eric Chevalier, exhibition in 2005. 122: Study animation ACBK Gent, 2014. 121: Attic, house 21, 1989. Photo Anita Foesters. 120: Lucy. View from my Window. 119: Waterproofed. Bathroom Guest room. Photo Jeroen Musch. 118: View from my Window. 117: Tear. A discolored postcard. Franz Gertsch for Gebr. König. 116: Bezet, Kristof Van Gestel. Rewind Play / Forward, group exhibition (with Anu Tuominen and Richard Hutten) in 2010. 115: On Off. FRAC Nord-Pas-de-Calais. 114: Cutting Edge. A VW – matali crasset exhibition in 2001. 113: 112: Long s. Entrance Guest Rooms VW. Photo Jeroen Musch. 111: Transfer. Florian Ladstaetter, 2004 . 110: Veronika Pöschl / VW 1993. 109: On the other hand. Post Restant 2016. Photo Matthias De Deygere. 108: Repetitie. Regal, Clemens Oppenheimer VW 2001. 107: Substantie. VW / Netty van den Heuvel, 1993. 106: Vagues de l’eau. Etienne Jules Marey. 105: Concert. Performance Handelsbeurs Gent. 104: Manchetarmband, VW / Lous Martin 1996. 103: Reverse. Video still, study video art. Vlaams-Brabant. 102: Soundscape. Regal, Clemens Oppenheimer VW 2001. 101: Water. Bathroom first floor. In coworking with Jo Taillieu. Cut out photo Matthias De Deygere. 100: Nature Nurture. Walkietalkie Waals-Brabant Brabant-Wallon. 99: Curve Houtsnede, Nikolaas Demoen, VW 200098: Make-up. Video still. VW House 21. 1989. Using photo Anita Foesters. 97: Spirograph. 96: Rolling Six. Photo Willem van de Poll. 95: Expres. Film still study animation, 2015. 94: Dandelion. Front view gallery. Photo Jeroen Musch93: Unpredictable. Jaime Hayon, Nienke Klunder, VW 2008. Photo Nienke Klunder92: Multiplex. Table Jan De Vylder – dvvt. Photo Filip Dujardin. 91: Abandoned space. Study video art. 90: Circuit. Video still, study animation. 89: Weerstand. Patio 21. 88: Baum Stein Wolke, Anton Reijnders. 87: Preparation participation Transit / Stichting Interieur 2001, drawing detail. ‘Voor boer en tuinder’ Hilde De Decker. 86. Unsharp mask. View from my window. Study video art. 85: Help lines. Mrs Bristleshoe, Mats Theselius for DIM. 84: Error 404. Video still study animation. From the collection W. Plaizier83: Delight. Video still study animation. From the collection W. Plaizier. 82: Daylight. Video still study animation ACBK GentFrom the collection W. Plaizier. 81: Join. Detail light dome staircase VW21. Photo Anita Foesters80: Bilingual. Kluisberg, Mont-de-l’Enclus. 79: Paper wall. Shadows, Diane Steverlynck. Postcard edition VW78: Blackmagic. Soigner ses mots. Chloé Poizat. 77: Blackwing. Video still, study animation. 76: Huislopen. Tomas Schats, 2010. 75: RHYME. (T)HERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING Group exhibition 2014. Tandenborstel Theo Konijnenburg. 74: Camera. In residence. HOCHsitzen/ Susan Pietzsch for Schmuck2. Design Marti Guixé. 73: Paper Pencil. Ricoh Case, Marc’s cameras. Philippe Weisbecker. 72: Dérapage controlée. Anne Masson – Eric Chevalier. 2005. 71: Turn. Video still. View from my window. 70: Droog. Invitation. Droog Design 199869: Outdoor tile Inner courtyard. 68: Rare window. Rear building gallery. Photo Jeroen Musch. 67: Untitled. Anna Paola Guerra. 66: Amplitude. Stool, Joris Van Huychem. 65: Look! Benoit van Innis, Tati exhibition 2009. Mirror Theo van Egmond. Photo Matthias De Deygere. 64: Necklace, plate. “Mag het iets meer zijn?” Marion Herbst, solo, 1993. Photo Bart Van Leuven63: Sampling. The Manual, constructing your own infra-structure, Christiane Hoegner. 62: A telephone call. 61: Oddity. Space. Courtyard. Gallery. Photo Jeroen Musch. 60: Applied Architecture. Pedaalemmer Tomas Schats 2009. 59: Verso. Long Distance Runner, Esther Knobel 2009. 58: Fresco. Fireplace first floor. Photo Matthias De Deygere. 57: have an ice day Greeting card. 56: Untitled From the series Fictions, Filip Dujardin. 55: I believe in Angels A New Year card, Ingrid De Coster. 54: Gradiënt Group exhibition 2010, Ingrid De Coster Gestalte Nikolaas Demoen. Photo Filip Dujardin. 53: Two of a kind. Recovering. Duvet cover guest room Nicolette Brunklaus. 52: Landscape  Henriette van Egten – Boekie Woekie51: An extraordinary guest. Mon oncle, Jacques Tati. Postcard series VW – Biennale Interieur 2010. Ingrid De Coster. 50: Still Searching. Video still first site VW49: Sun Screen Vitis vinifera. Courtyard gallery. Photo Jeroen Musch. 48: Undisturbed. Table Blanche Ann Demeulemeester. Photo André Nullens – Flanders Architectural Yearbook 00/01. 47: Viewpoint. inside silo Photo Jeroen Musch. 46: Sing it, Sam. Cassette, Theo Konijnenburg. 45: Print on hold Lieven De Boeck. Postcards series 2012. 44: PATCHWORK Wilma Sommers. In dialogue with Hester Oerlemans VW 1995. 43: About – Identities. Filip Dujardin  Klaartje Martens 2011. Photo Filip Dujardin. 42: Hi  Manufacturing  Philippe Weisbecker. 41: Connection In between front and rear buildings. Photo Jeroen Musch. 40: Aufgerastert. Suska Mackert. Re opening Verzameld Werk at 200039: Open napkin. An invitation. 38: Blanket. Cardboard Covering. Solo exhibition Diane Steverlynck VW 2008. 37: World Wide Web. Fragment of first VW website, made in dialogue with Filippine de Haan, 2003. 36: This is the End. 25 years Verzameld Werk. 35: Daily Motion. 34: Fake shop. VW Window Room, photo collage Die Imaginäre Manufaktur exhibition 2002. 33: tRANSPLANT matali crasset exhibition 2009. Photo Patrick Gries. 32: House keeper Former owner No 2131: Prefab Kitchen Talk CLANDESTIN Paris – Gent, Salon VW matali crasset 2008. 30: Interpretation Study animation ACBK Gent, Cut-out Stop motion paper. Fotofolio Man Ray. 29: Stare well Photo Inga Powilleit. 28: Stairwell Guest Room. Mon Oncle during the Tati Exhibition, 2009. 27: Domestic Snake. Hanger, Eric Chevalier – Anne Masson. 26: Smarties Bra Susan Pietzsch postcard edition VW. Photo Quest Magazine. 25: Browse Washing golden ‘wigs’ of silkworm gut. National Geographic Magazine. Kodachrome Luis Marden. 24: Cold Song Winter 2011, photo Filip Dujardin. 23: Harry Theo Konijnenburg Verzameld Werk. exhibition 2012. 22: aus gold geschrieben Suska Mackert postcard edition Verzameld Werk. Photo Tim Lehmacher. 21: the blues Roland Sips at Verzameld Werk, 1994. 20: Would-be kitchen Salon Verzameld Werk. Drawing Jo Taillieu. 19: Landscape doorway Verzameld Werk. 18: Video Still Study animation ACBK Gent. 17: Mouse Mitten Button Anu Tuominen postcard Atelier 340 Muzeum. 16: Open Paper Shell Eric Chevalier (Masson-Chevalier). 15: Paper Shell Eric Chevalier (Masson-Chevalier). 14: Embrace Bracelet 077Françoise van den Bosch, 1970-1990 (produced by Jan Matthesius). Photo FvdBStichting13: Send a postcard! boy, Mat&Rob (print on hold). Verzameld Werk-in-Residence at ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten, 2012-13. 12: Change/ Chance An open invitation, Ingrid De Coster. 11: Extrance Entrance Verzameld Werk. Photo Jeroen Musch. 10: Waar heb je al die tijd gezeten? Verzameld Werk Group exhibition 1994. Scarf Klaartje Martens. 9: Balloon Inflatable double plastic wall. Verzameld Werk & Jo Taillieu. Photo Jeroen Musch. 8: Die Imaginäre Manufaktur Verzameld Werk Gent exhibition 2002, assisted by Johannes Klein and Peter Hils. Vogt + Weizenegger for DIM, Berlin. 7: Obscure camera Men’s shoes with camera hidden in heel, National Museum of American History. 6: Repair Work Instruction for reinforcement, Nigal. 5: Water colour Hare mat, idc. 4: Blind curtain 3: View from my window Video Still, Study Video Art, ABKA Brussel. 2: Turning circle Drawing 1973, Gerald Hayes. 1: Act – from Ghent to Brussels Le Masque Vide 1928, René Magritte.